Tour to Online Slots in Singapore

Online casinos are breaking all records of popularity in Singapore. Betting online on screens has become the new norm. The huge web development behind the arrival of new games is testimony to this. Singapore is already for its immense beauty insight. The beauty is even multiplied with the advent of online casinos. Singapore has established its feat in online casinos globally. Here, we will tell you all about amazing slot games in online casinos.

918kiss Slot Games

Slot machines are rocking on online casino platforms like never before. 918kiss provides the most interesting slot games in Singapore. They are always on top rating charts in online casinos in Asia. They come up in different versions. The android devices as well as iPhone are supported by 918kiss.

Types of Online Slots

You will never be bored out of hundreds of options available online. Slots games are designed as per the interests of players. The benefit of slots is that you have a huge payout winning. You might have never imagined. So, get the most out of these slots in 918kiss

Computer programmers are coming up with many sets of new and interesting slot games. Here, we are giving a list of the most popular and commonly found slots on various platforms.

Progressive Slots

In these games, your jackpot amount keeps on increasing. You can go on to accumulate jackpots and win one grand progressive jackpot in the end. However, the odds of winning are longer. But, you have a chance of winning really big.

3 Reel Slots

This is based on the old traditional slot machine game. This is quite easy to play. All you need is just to match the symbols and win exciting cash prizes. 

5 Reel Slots

With the more number of reels, the chances of winning are also high. There are increased payline possibilities too, in the game. Players are frequently attracted to 5 reel slot games.

Mobile Slots

The specially designed mobile slots are for the mobile lover. Players can play it on their smartphones or tablets and can enjoy anywhere. The themes and designs are also developed accordingly.


Multipliers are a magnificent feature that enhances your gaming experience. This will double, triple or even multiply your winnings up to 100times more. Isn’t it amazing? However, this feature is not guaranteed in all slot games.

Multi-payline Slots

The multi-payline slots are determined by 3,5, 5, or even more paylines in the games. Here, you have multiple options of paylines. You can opt for straight, zig-zag, or even diagonal payline in the game.

Payment Mode in Online Casinos in Singapore

Many payment options are available to the players. You can opt for MasterCard, Visa, Entropay, PayPal, and more popular payment platforms.

The entertainment is doubled with online slots. Have fun with all these amazing popular games. Be it Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, or slot machine, each and every game has its own charm. Online casinos are growing nowadays due to its accessibility. Pick up your favorite slot and start betting.